Adapted from the SEMAT Kernel

Software development is based on a complex process. From the time insights are formed, opportunities are framed and requirements are formulated, a project can easily be compromised. Our tools and practices are designed to help our clients achieve greater precision and higher velocity with less resources.

Accelerate Innovation

Our unique framework, BOLT, enhances your innovation processes (Design Thinking, Lean Startup,…) by improving the way cross-functional team communicate and form insights.

Manage Requirements effectively

BOLT offers a new way to structure requirements. Traditionally, User Stories or Systems/Functional requirements are captured in a hierarchical structure. BOLT enables you to connect effortlessly requirements and user stories to problem statements, structured as graphs, which are far more effective at managing a complex set of requirements.

Deliver reliably with the SEMAT Kernel

We have adopted the SEMAT Kernel which enables teams to measure more effectively the progress they are making and the health of their endeavors. The kernel presents software development not as a linear process but as a network of collaborating elements, “alphas”, that need to be balanced and maintained so teams can make effective and efficient progress, eliminate waste, and develop great software.

SEMAT Kernel

SEMAT supports a process to redefine software engineering based on a solid theory, proven principles, and best practices.


NORSTROM has aligned Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Agile and Lean methodologies in a common framework.


BOLT is a new communication style and a set of guidelines that helps build smarter organizations.

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