Break the monolith with SAM


Build Application and Business Services


Integrate modern SPA in your Portal


Expose secure APIs


Advanced developer workflows


Our team brings decades of experience in delivering successful Service Oriented Architectures.

Today, the Architecture of Web Applications is undergoing a massive shift to:

  • Become¬†OmniChannel (Web, Mobile, IoT,…) and enable Inbound Marketing Strategies
  • Take advantage of 3rd party data APIs and Cloud services
  • Scale to new levels of User Experience¬†and Transaction volumes
  • Support DevOps and A/B Testing

We have developed a Node.js based Reference Architecture to help our clients transform their technology stack into a powerful, modern, OmniChannel Digital Architecture (ODA).

Our CTO, Jean-Jacques Dubray (“JJ”) has also invented a new pattern, the SAM Pattern which significantly simplifies Front-End architectures. Here is the official “Getting Started Guide“.


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